Monday, April 14, 2014

Review of Here for the Cake on The Blushing Reader

The Blushing Reader is a blog I've been following since I started writing Here for the Cake. I was immediately attracted to the blog's crisp femininity and quirky aesthetics. The reviews are thorough, engaging, and intelligent. Michelle is a very smart writer and her site has everything, giveaways, reviews, book playlists, and interviews. I particularly love her interviews because she asks such unconventional questions.

As a new romance writer, The Blushing Reader was definitely a way for me to be anchored in the romance world before I ever published. I was so thrilled when she agreed to take a chance on a newbie like me. 

True to form, Michelle wrote a wonderful review. In fact, her review is so well-written and quotable that I had a rather difficult time choosing quotes to share. 

The Highlights

Here for the Cake is one of those books that you find and are BLOWN away with how funny, witty, emotional and just wonderful it is...Emily Poule took romantic comedy and knocked it out of the park!

Here for the Cake was funny, in a fantastic snarky/witty humor that had me waiting to see what else would come out of these characters mouths! I actually choked on my drink and laughed out loud more than once.  I fell in love with the writing style and all the crazy characters in this book right off the bat.  Emily Poule's flow, pacing and comedic timing were a perfect especially when combined with this grand-gesture scheme that Ben and Mina are about to embark on.  

If you are in the mood for something funny, kind of crazy with a cast of characters that you can't help but fall in love with, then Here for the Cake is the perfect book for you!  Emily Poule is an author to keep and eye on, I have a feeling we will be hearing about her a lot in the future!

Michelle's review includes a book summary, a new excerpt, and a book playlist. 
Check out Michelle's complete review here:

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