Saturday, March 29, 2014

Full review of Here for the Cake on Tome Tender Book Blog

Skylar Griffin's full review of Here for the Cake is officially up on her blog, Tome Tender Book Blog, a hub for book lovers to read reviews of the latest fiction books and check out author interviews. Tome Tender has a lot going on and I was so completely thrilled to have a spot on the blog.

Some highlights from her review:

"What a cast of characters! I think I've fallen in love with them all! Especially Mina, Josie & Ben." 

"Bestie #1 Josie, is an absolute firecracker and someone I'd want in my corner! The stuff that comes out of her mouth had me literally laughing out loud, to the point I was worried I was going to wake up my sleeping husband and kids. Just so freakin' funny!"

"One thing I particularly enjoyed was what was going on in the background of this novel; so much detail with all the dirty little side stories of all of the "high society" guests, I just couldn't get enough! The setting was beautifully described, leaving me with a vivid picture in my mind."

"Here For The Cake would have to be the BEST "chic lit" book I've ever read. It is a feel-good book that all though had some sad parts, was a fantastically uplifting story. Excellent writing Ms. Poule! I can't wait to read more of your work!"

Thanks so much for such a thorough, lovely review Ms. Griffin. Get a copy of Here for the Cake today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords:

Don't forget to follow all of Skylar's reviews at Tome Tender Book Blog.

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