Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fellow Page Girl and Up-and-Coming Author reviews Here for the Cake on her Blog

Ms. Jasmine Tru, a burgeoning YA author who this author knows to be one of the coolest chicks around, did a great review of Here for the Cake which she smartly titled, I am Definitely Here for the Cake

Some of the highlights:

But I have just found my favorite new eBook. Emily Poule’s “Here for the Cake” is romantic and hilarious. I literally LOL while reading in the presence of others….and I was not embarrassed.
Emily Poule’s “Here for the Cake” is an incredibly enjoyable read. I felt like I have found a new set of best friends in her pages.

In addition to witty dialogue, there are plenty of steamy scenes to go around.

You should check out this book if you are into humorous romances.
Thanks for such a poignant and fun review of Here for the Cake. Check out Jasmine Tru's official bog where she reviews books and blogs about life as a fresh YA author in Los Angeles. 
Look out for Jasmine's book, Normal is the Watchword, coming out soon.

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